For those of you that don’t remember the Beverly Hillbillies, Jed could pick the winning horse just by watching the Post Parade. Jed knew his horse flesh, he could tell if the horse was Ready and Willing to run just by looking at them. I meet a lady at Chances in Kamloops who was doing the same thing. She didn’t win every race like Jed, but it did make me think. This is the last handi-capping method left available to us as the race starts soon afterward. This is more useful at the track when you have a little more time, (you can actually go get to the paddocks at some tracks) with a live feed you have to make a quicker judgment. By this point, you’ve already picked your Top Three Contenders Horse, Chestnut, Thoroughbred, Racehorseand maybe a long shot that rated further attention. If your Top Horse shows the wrong signs in the Post Parade, you can disqualify him and go with your second pick. These are some of the signs Jed was looking for:

  • A Glistening Coat – NOT SWEATING – this shows how well its taken care of. All that washing and combing, its a full body massage. Imagine how you’d feel.
  • Muscle and Balance – look at Olympic Runners, the grace of a Well Proportioned body. Look for Rhythm in the stride, it shouldn’t be short or choppy, that could be signs of a minor injury.
  • Racing Dimple – this is a vertical line on the rear quarter, it should be well defined as all of the Horse Power comes from here.
  • Eyes – you should never see the Whites of the eye, they should be bright.
  • Ears – should be upright and attentive, when the ears are pinned back, the horse is Not in a good mood and probably doesn’t feel like racing today.
  • Tail – there should be an arch in the tail, a swishing tail is a no no.
  • Neck & Reins – the neck should be arched, with the reins being tight. It shows that the horse is wanting and ready to race.

A winning race horse is a horse that is HAPPY, this gives him the mental edge that sets him apart from the rest of the field. A little time and practice is all that is needed to pick out a contender, without a program.


What Jed Missed in the Post Parade.

Blinkers. – Blinkers are used to limit the racehorses vision to straight ahead. It keeps the horse in a straight line and stops him from swerving away from the other horses or from the inside rail that may be beside him. Blinkers help the racehorse stay focused on the race by limiting distractions around him.

What you are looking for is a horse using blinkers for its Maiden Race. ( the first race of the horse career ) The Owners Must Report all equipment changes to its horses, as listed on the program or racing form; since this is the horses first race, there is No equipment change and thus not listed to the public. Having blinkers doest guarantee a victory, but it is an advantage for these young horses that most of the public will miss.

I have picked out some nice winning horses with high odds this way.

Note: when blinkers are added later in the horses career, I only consider them when they are used for the second consecutive race. I believe that the Best race is the one after the horse tries them. The horse must be comfortable wearing blinkers which is not always the case the first time on.


Keep watching the Post Parade, pick out a horse that Looks good and see how he does. If he finishes in the money you are on the right track (no pun intended).


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