Horse Racing is Fixed. –

 I have heard that less than 10% of races MAY be fixed. While it does explain how a horse that is 80 to 1 can win a race, I cannot see how to fix a horse to win. Drug
testing is extensive in horse racing to keep its reputation. ( the only way I can figure it, is to get the better horses in the race to drink too much water before hand to cause bloating; or maybe put different weight SHOES on the horse.) Either way, if 10% are fixed; that means 90% are not!

The Jockey Is Holding Back the Horse –Panic, Big Eyes, Crooked Arm

A race horse is trained to run into the bit, if anything, the Jockey would be letting up on the reins.

I Lost My Money To the Track.

This Myth is the most wrong. Unlike a Casino, race tracks take a percentage off every bet wagered, win lose or draw. The federal government, as well as the provincial or state governments, also take their respective cuts. The rest goes back to the winning bets. You are winning or losing your money to the other patrons at the track.


Always Bet On The Grey Horse.

Now that’s just silly.


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