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Any bet that involves more than one horse.


Exacta. The selection of two horses to finish in order, First, Second in one race.

Trifecta. The selection of three horses to finish in order, First, Second, Third, in one race.

Superfecta. The selection of four horses to finish in order, First, Second, Third, Fourth, in one race.


Exacta –  Only bet on horses that ARE NOT  the co-favorites, one of the horses can be a favorite but the other horse should be at medium or higher odds. If there is not at least one higher odds horse in your bet, it will pay a minimum, and not be worth your while.

-Once you pick your winning horse, box your second and third picks to Place.  If  your top 3 picks are horses#8,#6,#4.   So #8 MUST WIN, and either #6 or #4 MUST come in SECOND.  


-Box your two highest ranked horses. 

Trifecta – The same as above, except Box your three highest ranking horses. Again, pay attention to your odds. If the top three favorites finish the race in correct order, the payout is very small; in some cases, it can be smaller than your bet.

– Use the top ranking horse from three different handi-capping methods.

-best Speed horse                                                                                  -best Jockey

-best Pace horse                                                                                    -best Trainer

-best Pedigree or Breed                                                                        -best Class

There is no right or wrong way, its which statistics you have the most trust in.

Superfecta – Same as Trifecta, only now, it’s the top four finishers.


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