I started learning how to handicap horses in 1986, at the time I was still considering a career in computer programming. After six semesters of school, programming no longer excited me. But the knowledge I gained from it (primarily from stats classes) made me look at handicapping.Image may contain: 1 person

The first step was to build a large data base; I compared race results with the corresponding Past Performance Charts  from 100 race days (about 900 races). From here I developed 3 algorithms to pick my winning horse (the third algorithm was a combination of the first two). I had my program in theory on paper, I did not test it with $$s until summer of 1989.(off-track betting was virtually nonexistent) I went to the track every race day for two months. I started with $1800; in 2 months I was broke but had receipts for $5800 of expenses. I lost all my money but was up $4000.(I will explain why later)

Since 89 I go handicapping for 2-4 months at a time, every 4 or 5 years. In total 8500 or so races. Now that it is easy to bet at home or at an Off-track location, this will now be continuing every year.

I invite you to read all of my tips and strategies, please comment on and add your own opinions. Any questions you may have, please email me and I will respond as best I can. Thanks for your interest and look forward to your views.(am always looking for new info to refine my strategies for everyone.)


Email Me at  brian@howtobetonthehorseraces.com


More About Me

I have spent the last quarter century in Food & Beverage.  I try to work primarily as a waiter, but I always get pushed into management because of my knowledge of restaurants; from truck stop cafes to French Service, banquets ( as a server and as a manager ) bartending and books. Basically, if it involves food or drinks, I’ve done it. At the age of 58, I know that my pension will not amount to much. To help compensate this shortcoming of pension income I have started to learn how to build websites. At the time of writing this, I still have a hard time just responding to emails or facebook. That should show you that anyone can learn to build a website. This is my first site and one I will keep forever, as I will be playing the ponies for as long as I have my mental health. How did I learn to build a website, with so limited computer skills. Two Words, Wealthy Affiliate. They have excellent courses with step by step videos, explaining the ins and outs of all kinds of marketing ideas, with the live support people like me need. If at all interested in building a website, this is definitely the place to learn. Click the address below for a direct link to the Wealthy Affiliate website and check it out yourself, the first week is for free. I have seen members have a website up and working within the free week.

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